Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's here! As we have been enjoying lunch/dinner this week there have also been some sweet treats headed our way!

Tuesday was flowers...

It just makes you feel loved!

Wednesday was cards... 

I got the idea from Pinterest to punch holes and put the cards together so make a "booklet." The kids enjoyed looking/reading each others cards during center time today!

As my kiddos are getting antsy we need to get busy! Our LAST assessments of the year are next week! Once those are done the EOY projects will begin! We are going to research a place to travel on vacation, any place in the world! We started brainstorming WHY people go on vacations in the first place! Tomorrow we will continue our brainstorming of different places people might want to travel in the U.S. or out! They will then chose a place and write a persuasive letter to their parents on why their family should travel there! It's going to be GREAT, more to come... 

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