Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin math!

Check out this 1 week math unit using pumpkins HERE!

Being sick sure does slow down your timeline for projects but it's finally finished... Here's the preview page:

This is a 1 week unit that can be used during your math time. It is based around working with a regular sized pumpkin and a small craft pumpkin. The students are asked which will have more seeds and they will always guess the larger pumpkin, but the smaller one actually does! Each student will work with a mini-craft pumpkin, they could also work in partners. The teacher will demonstrate the seed counts using a regular sized pumpkin and a small craft pumpkin. 

This is great because it works with pumpkins but is not specifically for Halloween.

This pack includes:
-8 page pumpkin activity book that reviews math/language skills 
-Predicting seed count labels
-My mini-pumpkin sheet
-2 class pumpkin bar graphs (1 for large pumpkin, and 1 for the small pumpkin) 
-Creative writing sheet

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Facts and a Christmas Ornament!

I use these lovely books! I have 3 of them, but I think there is a 4th out, don't have that one... yet!

I've done a "Fun Fact of the Day" for several years now. The kiddos sure do love reading these and they begin to really keep you in check about it. Every now and then when I forget you better believe I hear "Mrs. Morgan you forgot to change the fun fact!" It's just another way to spark some interest in the world around them! They are usually random enough to make you think at least a little bit! Here's my spot on the board to post 'em up! It's right above my calendar!

I added this choice to my writing "Choice Board."
Here is my first cute example! When I write them I often want to see an illustration! Now the kiddos have this option during their writing time:

Ok, onto a subject I know probably nobody is ready for! I just couldn't help myself, I get a little excited about the holidays! I make these ornaments in my classroom every year! They look like stained glass! The great thing about them is they don't require many supplies you don't already have AND every kiddo can be completely successful. I have never seen a bad one! I know this post is WAAAAY too early, but I will re-post about them when the time gets a little closer! If you are like me and love getting ahead, check out these ornaments HERE!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out of this WORLD!

I have been busy working on non-holiday themed math and literacy centers. This way you are able to slip them in at any time of the year! 

You can find my math centers Here!
A little preview of what's included:

 You can find my literacy centers Here!
A little preview of what's included:

I decided to put these 2 pack together to save ya a 'lil money!! Check the combined pack out HERE!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chris Columbus AND Number Munchers

Today in math we had a chance to make our number lines! The only thing they couldn't do was count by 1's because that's just too easy! They did all sorts of things. Some kiddos choose easy numbers and some challenged themselves! That's what so great about this. Here are a few up close:

They were supposed to leave at least 1 blank with a ? there.

 I hung them in the hallway with numbers beside each one. Tomorrow we are going to do a "number line scoot." They will all start at a different number, and on their papers write which number is missing. Some will be easier than others! 

I'm loving taking panoramic pictures!! This isn't a corner, just appears that way!
If you haven't downloaded this freebie you can find it HERE!

Onto Chris Columbus! We worked with our mini books, made ships and wrote poems! All found in my unit HERE!

Ok, I am off to get my hair done! Have a lovely day!

Monday, October 8, 2012


What is it about inservice days that make me exhausted. I typically do much less than a day with the kids but for some reason by lunch time my eyes are sleepy and that's all I want to do!! Anyway! Made it through. Our school added some excitingness today! 

Check it out:

A BIG hundreds chart! Their little feet can fit in those squares!!!

A U.S. map!!!

 The continents!!!

Basically I feel !!!!!!!! about this. I LOVE being outside. Especially with the students. We didn't really have anything like this before. I am def. getting outside for some of this awesomeness soon!! They will LOVE it!

A new 'lil mini-pack! Did you know there are food holidays basically every single day of the year?? Well there is! I decided to choose at least 1 a month to incorporate into our learning. The kids always love celebrating and why not! They say silly things like, "Hey, my Mom didn't even tell me it was pretzel day." It just cracks me up! Pretzel day is officially October 26, so we have a couple weeks yet. I have made a few activities they will enjoy, along with bringing in a big bag of pretzels that day! 

Check out my pretzel mini unit HERE!

This pack includes:

-Adjectives Review
+mini pretzel booklet
-Pretzel-man craftivity
+3 speech bubbles to practice using 3 types of sentences
-Concrete Poem Template
+pair with pictures of your students taking a big bite
-Sensory Details Graphic Organizer
-Acrostic Poem w/Pretzel Weaving
-”Pretzel Day” calendar piece
-Simile writing template

This mini-pack has an emphasis on writing poetry using sensory details!

I leave you with sweet Bella who just chills because life is good. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone! Craftivity added!

A few days ago I made a number line muncher game! 

I woke up this morning with this craftivity idea! I couldn't believe I didn't think of it before! So simple and cute. It allows the students to make their OWN number lines with a missing number! The answers go on the back! If you downloaded my game already, go back and re-download to get the craftivity! I am so doing it this week!! 

Here he is:

Or here she is. Seems like a boy to me though! Have a great wintery day everyone! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Everything Pack!

Oh my goodness! Well, I asked for cooler weather and boy did I get it! Today was AWESOME! I have been working on a new pack for Thanksgiving ALL WEEK! I worked a little more this morning, but I just had to get out of the house and get a little shopping in! I found some great fall clothes!! I even wore a cute little sweater I have been dying to wear but it's just been way too hot! I kept it on the whole day and was completely comfortable. Anyway... I finished up this pack this afternoon and with no further ado...

Click the link to see what's included!

This is the biggest pack I have ever made! I couldn't even put everything onto the preview page!! What I like most about this pack is that it includes 3 subject matters! Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math! Also, it's not a lot of fluff. I made sure that everything included had quality educational value, and was challenging. Sometimes I make centers that are just too easy for the kiddos and they fly through them. I think many of the activities included in this one will bring a challenge! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My first linky party!

I noticed a couple of the ladies I follow were linking up! I've never done it before so I decided to try it out! Hope I do it right!

Listening-I just can't stop! Such a good song, when will I hear MORE from him??
Loving-This weekend I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Well- they're gone. I will make more THIS weekend! Pumpkin is my fav!
Thinking-It felt amazing the first couple days of the week. I even jogged on Tuesday afternoon and it was ok. Today... hot! 
Wanting-I can't believe I still have my shopping money! I get it on the first on the month, and I know what you're thinking... it's only the 4th! Well I got it a little early so I had it last weekend and I didn't spend it, not a cent! That's insanity for me. I am going shopping this weekend and saying goodbye to every last cent and hello to some cute fall/winter clothes!
Needing-Just to lounge, read, watch tv, search blogs, and snack!
Book-If you don't have it, get it! Who doesn't love Jerry?? It's good for adults to, makes me laugh every single year. PLUS it comes with an audio of Jerry himself reading the story- and he does a great job if I do say so myself! Although I may be a little biased, I grew up with Seinfeld.

Hope I did this right!! 

You can link up to:

Fall, Fact Families, and Graphing oh my!

This week we have been working with picture graphs and bar graphs! We made these cute fall graphs:

The kiddos loved the fall theme and their graphs came out great!

An activity I can't get over is this!! My fact family acorns. We reviewed what fact families were. They forgot since 1st so we were refreshing our memories. THEN I gave every kiddo a card, some kids had 2 cards. They walked around the room to find a fact family! Once they did, they sat down and recorded it onto their acorn sheet. They switched cards and found a new fact family! The conversation was awesome. I heard, "Ok guys 3+4 is 7, we need a 7! 7 where are you?" It was cute and exciting for me all at the same time! 

Both of these activities plus more can be found in my Fall Everything Pack! 

 On a side note! Our school is doing a bookmark contest. We do 1 every year. I think they pick a few winners from each grade level and then keep copies of their bookmarks in the library for the kids around the school to use. Teachers are allowed to participate! Last year I did Dr. Seuss and this year I went with Mo Willems! Check it out! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Number Lines FREEBIE!!

I found this idea on Pinterest for graphing! I liked it when I saw it, but now that I actually have it in my classroom I LOVE it! Such an easy and quick way to check graphing skills and collect data! The kids are also cracking up at the questions I am asking. Apparently "Do you like okra?" is hilarious.

I made that simple paper to record the data in a picture AND bar graph! I print 2 on a page to save paper!

Here is a fun little game to help reinforce number lines! 
CLICK HERE to download for free!

Tomorrow is hump day, we can make it! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

Well, it's here! I've waited and waited and October is finally here. It's the best time of year and the start of all good things holiday. I woke up with great thoughts and for some reason as soon as I left my house I turned into a grump. I knew I was being grumpy, but I just couldn't shake it! On Mondays after school a girl comes to our school for yoga. I thought that this was just what I needed to shake this mood right out of me. Leaving yoga, nope. Still there. I spent about 45 relaxing when I got home and now I feel it has lifted. Finally! I hate being a grump, but sometimes you just can't help yourself!! I have made so many cute things for this month I am so excited to begin! I will share more tomorrow...

Tomorrow will be better!