Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here is a little writing craftivity I came up with, find it on TPT!

Here's a sample:

That's it for me, I am ready to check this week off! Tomorrow will be crazy with anticipation and then Friday will finally finally be here and gone before I know it! 2 more days, we can do it!! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching up!! Area, Reindeer, Hot Cocoa, and ANNOUNCEMENT!

 In math last week we were working with area. I have done the whole draw your name and find the area, BUT sometimes the kiddos have such a hard time drawing these "block" letters. This year I decided to guide them a little better. It totally worked! The first is my sample of what was expected of them and the second is an actual student example. Pretty awesome! 


 Below you will find our cute little hot cocoa similes. The students crack me up with similes such as "Hot cocoa is as amazing as a dog." or "Hot cocoa is as warm as a cookie straight out of the oven." They are all so different and creative. It's what I love about them! You can find this craftivity in my Christmas Everything Pack on TPT HERE!

We also wrote short persuasive applications to Santa. The students were trying to get hired as reindeer. It was actually a neat opportunity to explain to them about applying for a job. I talked about their handwriting on their applications and how Santa probably wouldn't hire the messiest writer OR the person who asked for the most money. For the most part they really took into account what I told them! I found this cute activity on Pinterest for FREE HERE!

 On a personal note:


4 more days everyone!! We can do it!! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


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I have the Michael Buble Christmas album on my iTunes. It's quite amazing. 

I love love love shopping for me, but it's nice this time of year to take a break and think about all of the people I love! I love going a little over the top and showing people how special they are to me!

LAST week I went back to school after our lovely week off thinking that we had 3 weeks until Christmas break, BUT I was wrong... Somehow we got stuck with 4 weeks this year. Oh well! More time for Christmas cheer with my sweet ones!

My number 1 gift this year that I am hoping for is a tiny black Michael Kors crossbody bag! I have a brown one and I just really need a black one too! It's so light and easy to bring!

Walking through my garage today I was a little disgusted. I wish I could be one of those people with a neat and tidy garage. Trouble is, I have a husband who likes all the gear. Camping gear, golf gear, biking gear (we have 3 bikes, but only 2 of us), etc... takes up quite a bit of space!!

This year I am having my class brainstorm people who work at our school that we don't normally say much to. This week they will spend some time during Daily 5 writing to make some Christmas cards for the special people around our campus!