Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Pack

To start off here are a few of my literacy centers in action during our Daily 5 time. Fixing sentences at the writing table:
They told me it was so much fun and even wanted to do it twice! I will need to create more of these!

 ABC order at our Word Work center:

 Christmas board game:
You can find these activities and many more in my Christmas Everything Pack at my TPT store HERE!

We have been working with Non-fiction explorations. This week we read a story about the life of jellyfish. 

We wrote paragraphs containing at least 4 facts about jellyfish that we learned from the story. I found these cute jelly displays on pinterest HERE!

In math we focused all on 2-D shapes this week. Another teacher gave me this idea! We read:
Then, we made these monsters, and wrote down adjectives to describe their parts as well as the shapes we used. The students seemed to very much enjoy this one! 

I will leave you with him:
Next week everyone will get a chance to make Mr. Grinch. After we make him we will be measuring all of his body parts with non-standard forms of measure (probably paperclips)! The kiddos saw him on my back table and they couldn't wait! Pictures of their renditions will be coming soon... !

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

3 more weeks!! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I am participating in the TPT sale Monday-Tuesday! Check out my TPT STORE for great deals!

I have a couple packs that are seasonal as to right now! 

They are my:
Comments from purchasers:


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving... Christmas??

As my kiddos are getting so amped for Thanksgiving we have been finishing up some of my actitives from my Thanksgiving Everything Pack found HERE!

Working on our vocabulary review after reading about the "History of Thanksgiving"
 Our turkey glyphs found in the hallway! They are all very different, makes me love them a little bit more!

Onto Christmas!! It's the most wonderful time... of the year!!! I have made a Christmas Everything Pack that you can find HERE!

It includes a little bit of everything! Writing, Word Work, Book Reading +Activity, Science, Social Studies, and Math!
I can't wait to get all the this stuff prepped and into my classroom. Something about the holidays just puts everyone in a good mood! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm so behind!

I am having Thanksgiving fever and these chillier days make me just want to come home and cuddle up  on the couch while watching my recorded BRAVO shows! Anyway... let's get a little caught up shall we!

Today we started our introduction to counting money using my Hairy Money pack on TPT. You can find it HERE! We have just started BUT my kids were already catching on! More to come. There is nothing quite as amazing a hairy money when it comes to counting coins!!


I have finished all of my Thanksgiving centers and we started working with them today! Here are a couple activities in action! Sorting sentence types below:
 Some sweet ones getting started on their "I am Thankful" booklets...
These and MANY more activities are found in my Thanksgiving Everything Pack found HERE! on TPT. I received a comment from someone who bought this pack from me. Probably the best comment I have ever received on TPT. Here it is:
Michelle Sukup  (TpT Seller)

Thanks Michelle!

Way back when I forgot to post up about our pretzel day which we celebrate in October! You can find this mini-pack HERE! My students thought that it was so special because most classes don't even get to celebrate pretzels... ha! They're so cute!

 Last week we talked about why leaves change colors and learned all about the steps of it all! We made these trees and wrote the steps. I just love how they are so creative and they all come out with something different! This is from my Fall Everything Pack found HERE!

Now I am busy busy working on a Christmas pack that is going to be awesome! Hopefully done sooner than later! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently...

I tend to get a little stuck on songs and  right now it's the Lumineers (Hey Ho!) I think the video is what did it in for me. I liked it on the radio and then watched the video on You Tube and now I LOVE IT!! 

Last Monday and Tuesday I wore my new fall boots and LOVED it, then it got back to the 90's and I was in flip flops again. Welcome to Texas!

I just changed my calendar in my classroom last week and realized Thanksgiving break was only 2 weeks away, sooner than I thought!! I put post-its on all the days we have off to be with our families and it just makes me excited!

Last week I wore an old zip-up hoodie and all of my kiddos said, "Mrs. Morgan you look like a teenager!!" Time for a grown-up jacket I suppose! 

I feel as though the last few weeks I have been flying by the seat of my pants which isn't me at all!! I would love to get the next 2 weeks planned and prepped so I can relax a little and enjoy my kiddos. 

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