Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching up!! Area, Reindeer, Hot Cocoa, and ANNOUNCEMENT!

 In math last week we were working with area. I have done the whole draw your name and find the area, BUT sometimes the kiddos have such a hard time drawing these "block" letters. This year I decided to guide them a little better. It totally worked! The first is my sample of what was expected of them and the second is an actual student example. Pretty awesome! 


 Below you will find our cute little hot cocoa similes. The students crack me up with similes such as "Hot cocoa is as amazing as a dog." or "Hot cocoa is as warm as a cookie straight out of the oven." They are all so different and creative. It's what I love about them! You can find this craftivity in my Christmas Everything Pack on TPT HERE!

We also wrote short persuasive applications to Santa. The students were trying to get hired as reindeer. It was actually a neat opportunity to explain to them about applying for a job. I talked about their handwriting on their applications and how Santa probably wouldn't hire the messiest writer OR the person who asked for the most money. For the most part they really took into account what I told them! I found this cute activity on Pinterest for FREE HERE!

 On a personal note:


4 more days everyone!! We can do it!! 


  1. I love your area name activity! My 4th graders would love it too:) CONGRATULATIONS on expecting!! How exciting!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Congratulations! Maybe you won't get the nausea & morning sickness. I have two kids, and I never did have any of that.
    I found your blog through the Texas bloggers link on Teaching with Moxie's blog. I'm your newest follower.

    Take Care, and enjoy the holidays!