Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Area, Division, Procedures, Measurement...

Area with Alligators! Today we made our alligators:

It's amazing how creative some kiddos can be!!

One of the teachers I worked with bought my Division with Dinosaurs pack onTPT! He didn't realize it was mine. I thought it was pretty cool he thought it was worth buying! Here is one of the booklets one of his kids made: 
Continuing our Oobleck work with procedures this week: 

 We wrote a recipe as a class. The students are copying it and we will be making the crazy stuff on Friday!

This was just a simple little procedure I have in word work center. I am just a sucker for when they go out of their way to make their work extra cute!

I got this idea from Mrs. Amy Lemons! Last week we were working on measurement so it worked out great. We read the story:

THEN the kiddos drew their animals and measured! This one was my favorite:

Finally, I leave you will Pepper. Just for a smile... 

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  1. You have some really cute ideas! I teach second grade here in Texas too! :) Can't wait to go through more of your posts! Your newest follower!

    Reaching for the TOP!