Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm so behind!

I am having Thanksgiving fever and these chillier days make me just want to come home and cuddle up  on the couch while watching my recorded BRAVO shows! Anyway... let's get a little caught up shall we!

Today we started our introduction to counting money using my Hairy Money pack on TPT. You can find it HERE! We have just started BUT my kids were already catching on! More to come. There is nothing quite as amazing a hairy money when it comes to counting coins!!


I have finished all of my Thanksgiving centers and we started working with them today! Here are a couple activities in action! Sorting sentence types below:
 Some sweet ones getting started on their "I am Thankful" booklets...
These and MANY more activities are found in my Thanksgiving Everything Pack found HERE! on TPT. I received a comment from someone who bought this pack from me. Probably the best comment I have ever received on TPT. Here it is:
Michelle Sukup  (TpT Seller)

Thanks Michelle!

Way back when I forgot to post up about our pretzel day which we celebrate in October! You can find this mini-pack HERE! My students thought that it was so special because most classes don't even get to celebrate pretzels... ha! They're so cute!

 Last week we talked about why leaves change colors and learned all about the steps of it all! We made these trees and wrote the steps. I just love how they are so creative and they all come out with something different! This is from my Fall Everything Pack found HERE!

Now I am busy busy working on a Christmas pack that is going to be awesome! Hopefully done sooner than later! 

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