Thursday, April 12, 2012

This week we have been reviewing time to the 5 minutes. My kids are rockin' using the minute hand, but for some reason they are so confused on that hour hand. I often use the term "backyard" by asking, "Ok, whose backyard are we in?" It just wasn't working out. I wanted a visual for them to SEE it! I printed out these clocks:
We glued beans on the hours and 1 piece of rice for the tick marks (minutes) We then colored them as you can see. Tomorrow we are going to practice, practice, practice and I sure hope they can visualize it using these colors! I looked up how to dye rice (it looked like a process!) and then it hit me... sharpies! I have tons of them and sure enough after the glue dried we colored right on top. It worked out well!

Mother's Day is coming so I thought I would add this cute Mother's Day card to my TPT Store! 
Check it out!! Don't all Mom's just love tea?? Also, it won't be much cost to the teacher to give every Mom 1 tea bag! I just love it, even gave it to my Mom one year!

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