Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There is a MOUSE in my HOUSE!

Sounds pretty cute and funny, but when it's a true story I assure you it is not. Either. Came home yesterday and my cat what laying in front of the over. Looking underneath. I figured there must be a bug cricket perhaps, maybe a spider? I go about my day. I see her later checking out the fridge. Hmmm... she still seems interested. Go to bed, wake up, getting ready for school. She is now acting like something is behind a cat bed we keep on the floor. At that point I am curious enough to walk on over and pull it out. I find nothing less than a larger size dark brown mouse who quickly scurries under our nightstand. My husband is already gone for the day so here I am. What to do beside run back into my bathroom jump on the counter and call him. No answer. Call Mom and this always makes me feel a little better. I don't have time to try and attempt to catch the little thing so I have to leave him in my house to run free. Mind you my cat was guarding him when I left. 
So here I am at school not able to think about much more so what should I do? Naturally, scrap my morning plans and tell my kiddos all about the MOUSE that was in my HOUSE. We brainstormed ideas on how he made his way in. THEN we wrote stories all about it. 

They enjoyed being part of my craziness. Update on the mouse, we caught him this evening- he was hiding out under our washing machine. I am pleased to report he has been released back into his natural environment unharmed. Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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