Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

Well, it's here! I've waited and waited and October is finally here. It's the best time of year and the start of all good things holiday. I woke up with great thoughts and for some reason as soon as I left my house I turned into a grump. I knew I was being grumpy, but I just couldn't shake it! On Mondays after school a girl comes to our school for yoga. I thought that this was just what I needed to shake this mood right out of me. Leaving yoga, nope. Still there. I spent about 45 relaxing when I got home and now I feel it has lifted. Finally! I hate being a grump, but sometimes you just can't help yourself!! I have made so many cute things for this month I am so excited to begin! I will share more tomorrow...

Tomorrow will be better!


  1. Hi, I just became a member of your blog. I love your activities and can't wait to use your Daily 5 Halloween unit in my class. Thanks! My email address is

  2. Yay! THANKS! I am sending it your way!!