Monday, October 8, 2012


What is it about inservice days that make me exhausted. I typically do much less than a day with the kids but for some reason by lunch time my eyes are sleepy and that's all I want to do!! Anyway! Made it through. Our school added some excitingness today! 

Check it out:

A BIG hundreds chart! Their little feet can fit in those squares!!!

A U.S. map!!!

 The continents!!!

Basically I feel !!!!!!!! about this. I LOVE being outside. Especially with the students. We didn't really have anything like this before. I am def. getting outside for some of this awesomeness soon!! They will LOVE it!

A new 'lil mini-pack! Did you know there are food holidays basically every single day of the year?? Well there is! I decided to choose at least 1 a month to incorporate into our learning. The kids always love celebrating and why not! They say silly things like, "Hey, my Mom didn't even tell me it was pretzel day." It just cracks me up! Pretzel day is officially October 26, so we have a couple weeks yet. I have made a few activities they will enjoy, along with bringing in a big bag of pretzels that day! 

Check out my pretzel mini unit HERE!

This pack includes:

-Adjectives Review
+mini pretzel booklet
-Pretzel-man craftivity
+3 speech bubbles to practice using 3 types of sentences
-Concrete Poem Template
+pair with pictures of your students taking a big bite
-Sensory Details Graphic Organizer
-Acrostic Poem w/Pretzel Weaving
-”Pretzel Day” calendar piece
-Simile writing template

This mini-pack has an emphasis on writing poetry using sensory details!

I leave you with sweet Bella who just chills because life is good. 

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