Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin math!

Check out this 1 week math unit using pumpkins HERE!

Being sick sure does slow down your timeline for projects but it's finally finished... Here's the preview page:

This is a 1 week unit that can be used during your math time. It is based around working with a regular sized pumpkin and a small craft pumpkin. The students are asked which will have more seeds and they will always guess the larger pumpkin, but the smaller one actually does! Each student will work with a mini-craft pumpkin, they could also work in partners. The teacher will demonstrate the seed counts using a regular sized pumpkin and a small craft pumpkin. 

This is great because it works with pumpkins but is not specifically for Halloween.

This pack includes:
-8 page pumpkin activity book that reviews math/language skills 
-Predicting seed count labels
-My mini-pumpkin sheet
-2 class pumpkin bar graphs (1 for large pumpkin, and 1 for the small pumpkin) 
-Creative writing sheet

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  1. I just became a member of your blog. Does this still hold true from your TPT page?

    "You can get this pack FREE if you visit my blog and become a member:

    Just leave me a comment saying you have become a member of my blog and include your e-mail! I will happily send this pack your way!! "

    If so, I would love to receive your Daily 5- Halloween pack.

    By the way, your blog looks great! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.