Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Facts and a Christmas Ornament!

I use these lovely books! I have 3 of them, but I think there is a 4th out, don't have that one... yet!

I've done a "Fun Fact of the Day" for several years now. The kiddos sure do love reading these and they begin to really keep you in check about it. Every now and then when I forget you better believe I hear "Mrs. Morgan you forgot to change the fun fact!" It's just another way to spark some interest in the world around them! They are usually random enough to make you think at least a little bit! Here's my spot on the board to post 'em up! It's right above my calendar!

I added this choice to my writing "Choice Board."
Here is my first cute example! When I write them I often want to see an illustration! Now the kiddos have this option during their writing time:

Ok, onto a subject I know probably nobody is ready for! I just couldn't help myself, I get a little excited about the holidays! I make these ornaments in my classroom every year! They look like stained glass! The great thing about them is they don't require many supplies you don't already have AND every kiddo can be completely successful. I have never seen a bad one! I know this post is WAAAAY too early, but I will re-post about them when the time gets a little closer! If you are like me and love getting ahead, check out these ornaments HERE!

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  1. Those ornaments are cute! Thanks for sharing the idea. :)